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The label "artdesign88" is often copied by third parties or used as a showpiece, or no one looks before the award and is interested in whether this name already exists. Examples: art-design88, art-design-88, artdesign-88, We are not on ebay or on twitter, telechargervous, roomble and the like, and we certainly do not post our works on shutterstock and other image databases.

If you find our works on a website other than artdesign88.org, artdesign88.net or artdesign88.com, then they are unlawful and without our consent.

From time to time we post a video on bitchute. For example, to promote a book or sent christmas wishes and the like.

Our works are easy for everyone to distinguish from others.


If you are looking for something of quality and special, come to artdesign88 (the original).

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